HIRI - Company information

Company information

Name:   HIRI
Hildebrand und Richter & Co.
Fabrik für technische Gummi- und Kunststoffspezialitäten GmbH

Organisation: Private Limited Company

Address: Einemhofer Weg 9
D-21394 Kirchgellersen (GERMANY)




+49 (4135) 8221-0

+49 (4135) 8221-89


Executive Directors: Wolf-Rüdiger Thenhausen

Founded: 1878

Number of employees: 80

Quality control system: Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV CERT

Office hours: Monday – Thursday from 07:00 am – 04:15 pm
Friday from 07:00 am – 12:45

Corporate identity

A product portfolio tailored to our customers’ requirements made to the highest quality standards.


40 km south of Hamburg and 10 km west of Luneburg. We are within easy access to the motorway with close connections for ocean freight and airfreight shipment. The average time from Luneburg to Hamburg is 35 minutes.

Our modern factory is close the main road system with spacious loading bays and truck parking facilities.

Because of our wide product base, our manufacturing capability is highly varied and very flexible.

Presently we have 50 employees on site. Emphasis is placed upon high employee qualification, experience and training coupled with a tightly organised small management structure.

Our database has been created for our specific requirements thus providing customised methods to enable us to fulfil our customers’ requirements. IT security is provided.

HIRI sources materials for its products from both domestic and overseas manufacturers. Many of our suppliers are long established and are covered by arrangements where we have priority call upon inventory and production enabling us to offer fast delivery to our customers.