HIRI - Waterjet cutting

Welcome to HIRI,

a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products.

We specialise in individually tailored applications requiring flexible approach to manufacture and superior quality.

Using many different methods such as water jet cutting, die cutting, lamination, splitting and milling we have no limitation in the conversion of cellular polymers, sponge and polyurethane foam. We maintain a large inventory of cellular and compact rubber. For example, we can supply polyurethane foams in flame-retardant, temperature-resistant and anti-static qualities.

We are prepared to fill small quantity orders from single one-off units, to ten or one hundred pieces. Because of our advanced flexible technical and logistical capabilities we are able to offer very fast delivery – even for prototypes and first-run items.

Our company organisation and methods allow us to offer the fastest delivery without compromising quality standards or service.We are set up through lean management, optimum workflow and direct communication to provide customers with the highest quality and service at competitive prices.