• Water jet cutting
  • Splitting / cutting
  • Punching
  • Milling / turning
  • Laminating
  • Engraving

HIRI offers every option for foam material processing

HIRI offers every option for foam material processing

In order to manufacture the appropriate product for you from a foam block, it is not enough to master just one type of production.

Since HIRI has been in the foam processing business for several decades, we know exactly which machine can be used to process a material or which adhesive must be used to bond a product.

Accordingly, we have a machine park that is precisely tailored to this application, and of course competent employees who have mastered craft and technology.

Since we have committed ourselves to the area of ​​special and special items, we create new products with constantly new requirements for our customers. Of the 6,500 products that HIRI manufactures each year, almost 2,000 items are included that are being manufactured for the first time.

And if we should not be able to manufacture your product ourselves, thanks to our global contacts in this area, we definitely know where we can still get it for you.

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