At HIRI, we use the latest Autodesk AutoCAD® software and Autodesk Inventor™ to create drawings and data models for the water-jet CNC programs and 3D milling programs.

So that we can convert your drawings into CNC programs/3D milling programs, the following basics about the file types should be known:

  • DXF: 2D data model / 3D representation but without solids (used for viewing only)
  • DWG: 3D solids

These two file formats can be used to create water-jet CNC programs but not for 3D milling programs.

The following file formats can generally be used for 3D milling programs:

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • STL
  • IPT (Autodesk Inventor individual parts)
  • IAM (Autodesk Inventor assemblies)
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