• Mixed-cell to open-cell
  • For seals or dampers
  • Closed skin as a surface
  • Often as a sheet or profile

Foam rubber

Foam rubber

In our experience, foam rubber is often used as a synonym for all kinds of foamed products, such as cellular rubber, polyethylene foam or PUR foam.

However, foam rubber is actually characterised by the fact that it is a mixed-cell elastomer with predominantly open cells and a dense outer skin (cellular rubber, on the other hand, is often closed-cell, while sponge rubber is completely open-cell).
Foam rubber is often used for seals or dampers, which are then manufactured as moulded parts or cut or punched from sheets with a water jet.

Foam rubber is also frequently used for seals in the form of square profiles, round cords or O-rings.

Moulded parts made of foam rubber have a compacted or closed skin as their surface, which prevents moisture from penetrating the foam. With sheets, this effect can also be achieved via appropriate lamination processes. To that end, HIRI also offers various types of coating.

We can manufacture all products made of foam rubber customised in accordance with your specifications, including in small series or in one-off production.

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